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Untwisting a TS FS 180

Channel: Instructionals | by Kyle Schmidt | 7/23/2008


This video shows you how performing a toeside frontside 180 is as easy as untwisting your body. Other topics include the steps you should take to accomplish the 180.

Video Transcript

The Toeside Frontside 180 is one of the easiest 180's to learn even if you cannot jump the wake very well Toeside. I often have riders try this 180 first before a Heelside because of the switch Heelside landing. And we all know that landing switch Heelside is easier then landing switch Toeside. Besides the Heelside landing though, the spin of this 180 requires less or no effort by the rider which differs greatly in comparison to the Heelside Frontside 180 where the rider has to work hard to get twisted into the landing position.

Before we get into the actual spin let’s talk about edging positions for a second so I can better set you up for the 180. The Heelside edging position compared to the Toeside edging position is a more relaxed position. When edging Heelside your body is squared up to the back of the boat and there is no twist or tension on your body. The Toeside edging position while edging, on the other hand, is very twisted and there is tension or pre-load on the position. When you twist something flexible up and release the twist it always returns back to its normal natural position. Twist up tension and just release it. This same concept applies to the board and lower body of the Toeside edging position and the TS FS 180.

When you edge Toeside, the water against the board and fins holds the twist in place. When you release from the water on takeoff, there is nothing holding the board twisted anymore so it untwists. You don't actually try to spin as you leave the wake for this trick you just release the twisted position so it can return more squared up to the back of the boat. You don't throw your shoulders, pull on the rope or turn your head. You just let it go or let it untwist. The only minor forced movement would to move the handle from one hip towards the other to help the 180 flow more naturally.

Before trying the TS FS 180 make sure your switch Heelside jumps are somewhat comfortable so you can land strong for the TS FS 180 since the last part of the trick is a switch Heelside jump and landing. Approach the wake switch Heelside in a seated position and jump wake to wake or even 1 wake. Try to fall from the trick with just one hand on the handle to set yourself up correctly and balanced for the TS FS 180. Practice this a few times to realize your landing position before attempting the TS FS 180 wake to wake.

When you are ready to try the 180, work your way up through the progression ladder quickly by starting with an Ollie 180 out in the flats. Next jump inside out so you can test out the landing that you will experience during the wake to wake version and then move on to a one wake to get used to riding through the wake to untwist the trick. You should now be ready for a wake to wake FS 180.

For the wake to wake version, take a wide edge out and get into the middle edging position while you coast. Allow the boat to initiate your edge back in towards the wake and gradually build the edge as you approach. Stand tall through the wake for a normal Toeside wake jump and then untwist naturally after leaving the wake. Concentrate on just untwisting your lower body while keeping your upper body quiet. On the way up into the air make sure to keep two hands on the handle for control and then release your back hand to fall from the trick and land. You can land with two hands if you feel more comfortable and one is an option if you are lacking balance and control.

With just a little practice and repetition you will soon find that this very natural untwisting motion can make Toeside Frontside spins easier than Heelside Frontside spins and TS FS 360s are just a handle pull away.