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The Ultimate Warmup

Channel: Instructionals | by Kyle Schmidt | 9/19/2008


Kyle Schmidt gives you an idea of a good warm up to start off with each time you first get into the water. Not only will this sequence loosen you up, but it will also help you solidify some of the basic skills that are often overlooked when riding.

Video Transcript

In this video we will go over what I like to call the ultimate warm up. This warm up is a series of steps that can really get you more dialed in to the board. It will warm up your legs and get you more quickly acclimated to the speed of the boat and the pop of the wake before you do your first wake jump or trick which helps you to avoid those falls that happen to riders that go at it a little too quickly and fall early in there sets.

The first step is some basic carving outside the wakes in the flats. Carving in the flats helps you warm up both edges of the board and helps you get better at transitioning from edge to edge. It should be done on both sides of the wake so you warm up all four of the turns that can be made behind the boat. For a regular footed rider you will have a Toeside loose rope turn and then a Heelside leverage turn on the left side of the wake as you can see here and then the turns will be the opposite on the other side of the wake. A leverage turn requires lean against the rope and is any turn that moves away from the wake. A loose rope turn is any turn that turns towards the wakes and these turns are very different in feeling and require more lean into the board rather than leverage on the line. A Heelside loose rope turn on one side of the wake feels very different then a Heelside leverage turn on the other side so it is very important to warm up both so you establish better board control.

After the carves, you will move on to step two which helps warm up your legs. These are just your common Ollies on both sides of the wakes and should be done in a rebounding fashion so you learn to better resist the waters pop. If you do just one Ollie at a time you don't really learn to resist as well as if you rebound for a few bounces. Again do both sides to warm your legs while sitting against a slight Heelside or Toeside edge and you should notice an improvement in your wake jump pops as a result.

From there you move on to the final step of the warm which helps you test out the pop of the wake before you do your first wake to wake trick. Reentry Ollie pops allow you to pop off the part of the wake with the most energy so you can get a feeling of how hard the wake will pop you. This is also a drill that helps you better resist the water which will improve your wake to wake pop in long run. If you are facing the wakes you are doing frontside reentries and if your back is to the wake you are doing backside reentries. Do these with one hand on the handle and on both sides just like the first two steps to warm up a Heelside and Toeside pop separately.

Alright, now to save time you can do all three steps on one side of the wake first before moving over to the other side of the wake to warm up the opposite three steps. So when you first get pulled out of the water at the beginning of your set edge out to one side of the wakes, in this case Heelside, and then begin carving outside the wakes in the flats with smooth “S” shaped carves. After two or three carves on that side, move on to step two on the same side of the wake and rebound two or three Ollies and then do just one big single Ollie. After the Ollies move on to step 3 on that same side and do some reentry Ollie pops off the wakes to test the pop of the wake and further warm up your legs. Make sure you Ollie form the top of the wake back down to the bottom of the wake. OK, that side is complete so edge across the wakes and go back to step one on this side to warm up the opposite loose rope and leverage turns that you warmed up on the other side by doing some carves again. After step 1 move on to some rebounding Ollies so you can warm up your Toeside pop and leg push and then move back to the wake so you can finish up with step 3 on that side which will end up being some backside reentry Ollie pops off the wakes. Do these with only one hand on the handle and try hard to pop off the top of the wake to feel the push and resistance form the wakes. OK, you’re all finished and you should now be warmed up enough to do your first wake jump or trick without being out of control.