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RE: Tantrumsssss (TLT4)

Channel: Analysis | by Kyle Schmidt | 8/19/2010


So I've been out a few times since I first landed this trick and my success rate is only about 1 out of every 8-10 attempts. Looking for some help dialing this in. From what I'm experiencing on the ones I dont land, I over rotate, or I throw the trick a tad early and short it, landing on the wall of the other wake. The two attempts below are indicative of most my failed attempts. I land on my butt/back. All I can think is that I'm overrotating it. These attempts are on a slightly bigger wake than what I first started learning them on, but its tough mentally to slow it down cause I don't want to short it and land on my toes and tweek an ankle. Any other pointers to help dial it it besides slow the rotation down? Thanks! PS - bump the quality in the youtube frame to HD for a much better vid. The low def is kinda tough to see.

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