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RE: Cleaning up my tricks (andelars)

Channel: Analysis | by Kyle Schmidt | 5/31/2010


Hi guys Ive posted a video with me doing some of my tricks. Im not looking for a detailed breakdown of every trick, but i really want to clean them all up. So im hoping that you can give me 1-2 pointers/hints for each so that i could take the tricks more UP and do them more floaty and stylish and most importantly: every time! As i see it im going early on alot of them. But it would still be nice if you ex. had some tips on what to think of in the takeoff of each trick to avoid going early or to fix whatever im doing wrong and thereby getting sketchy landings etc. (and yes it is actually a frontroll attempt ;) ) Im sorry for putting so many tricks in one thread, but thought maybe that there is some common characteristic in my riding that can be fixed. Thanks in advance!