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One Handed Toeside Back Roll

Channel: Instructionals | by Kyle Schmidt | 9/24/2008


With this one handed approach to learning your next base invert, Kyle Schmidt shows you how to land a Toeside Back Roll using a lower impact style of coaching in just four easy steps.

Video Transcript

The Toeside Back Roll is a trick that is now more often taught as a second or third invert because of its close relationship to the one handed back flipping position of tantrum which is usually most riders first or second invert. It is also taught earlier because of the one handed teaching method I am about to go over which greatly reduces the impact you will take through out the learning process.

Before we start into the process lets go over some prerequisites that you will need to ensure that you are ready for this base invert. Besides the ability to edge strong both heelside and toeside you will also need control of wake to wake toeside jumps so you can pop the flip off the top of the wake with a tall edging position. Since the edging pop, flip and landing position of this invert are all twisted position one handed backside slides are also required so you understand how to use the handle to keep yourself twisted throughout. OK, lets move on to the first step.

Step one helps you feel the lift that the wake creates but also helps you edge as you stand tall to pop the invert. With only your front hand on the handle pump the wakes while facing the take off wake or while standing frontside to the wake. As you pump down the face of the wake push your body downward towards the water by bending your legs slightly and then stand upward as you as pump up the wake with a standing tall motion so your body is moving in flow with your movement uphill and downhill. After a bit of practice you should start to feel some lift from the wake and at this point you should mix in a one wake jump to practice the standing tall motion you will use to initiate the flip.

After you are comfortable with step one and the pumping motion slow the boat down a bit and lengthen your rope so you have plenty of room to land in the middle. At this step you will attempt your first TS back rolls without taking an approach at the wake. This enables you to take the trick straighter up instead of across which decreases the impact when falls occur. For your first attempt get the same pumping rhythm as before and then stand tall through the wakes. Throw your hips forward and up off the top of the wake while looking up and back to direct the back flip. Leave the wake with the handle in your front hand then release it to land free from the boats pull. Letting go of the handle as you land also decreases the impact of your falls of your first attempts. With each attempt try to hold on longer and longer until you can land a one wake TS back roll.

For step three keep the rope length longer and add a medium sized approach towards the wakes. Your goal on this step is to again land in the middle, so don't edge hard and you can take the same steps as the last by releasing the handle before you land to decrease the impact of any falls you should take. As you get more comfortable hold on longer and longer with each attempt until you can land and ride out of the flip.

The final step of this progression are your two wake attempts with one and finally two hands. Shorten the rope to a length shorter then what you normally ride so it is easy to clear both wakes and increase the speed back to your normal riding speed for your first two wake attempts. Your first two wake attempts will be with one hand to help you hold proper position throughout the flip but also so you can release the handle if you feel uncomfortable. For this step you will take a bigger approach so you will have more time to build more speed into the wake and you should concentrate on a smooth start to the approach, a late edge and a tall hips forward position off the top of the wake. As you land, push the handle back towards the wakes so you stay twisted into the Toeside edging position to edge out of the flip.

After a few one handed attempts try approaching the wakes with two hands to complete the progression. You should leave the wake and complete the first half of the flips rotation with two hands and it will be a little harder to stay twisted as you take off. On the way down, though, you can release your back hand and fall from the trick in the same the landing position as all your previous one handed attempts to successfully accomplish the next base invert to add to your list.