What is LearnWake?

LearnWake is the top website for wakeboard instruction. Click the video to see what we are all about.

Instructional Videos

All of our videos are produced and offered in High Definition, so you can examine each trick or lesson in full detail. We also offer mobile-friendly versions of our videos so you can access our clips on your iPhone, iPad or Android device while out on the boat riding with your friends.

Content Library

Our extensive content library is the largest and most detailed collection of wakeboard instruction in the world. Use interactive tools like our Trick Scrollers and Photo Sequence modules to see each trick in extreme detail. Our library pages break down all of the important parts of whatever trick you are interested in, so you can learn how to ride better...faster.

Wakeboard Forums

Ask our professional coaches questions related directly to the trick you are working on and get feedback immediately. Search through our archive of thousands of posts to read how other members fixed their problems. Our forum is a great way to interact with our coaches and fellow LearnWake members.

Video Analysis

Upload a video and get detailed analysis from our professional coaches. We will actually create a video completely customized for you detailing what problems and solutions we suggest for you. It's almost like having a professional coach sitting right in the boat with you.

Professional Coaching

LearnWake's team of instructors are experienced riders and coaches ready to pass all of our knowledge on to you. All instruction is directed by world-renowned wakeboard coach and rider, Kyle Schmidt. You get personalized instruction straight from the guy that create the Wakeboard industry's top-selling DVD's of all-time, The Book Instructional DVD Series. With over 15 years of coaching riders of all levels, you are guaranteed the best coaching that money can buy!

Is LearnWake For You?

Can't find a professional coach, instructor or camp near you? Are you hitting a barrier in your wakeboard progression? Well, look no further, LearnWake offers an affordable convenient solution for riders of all levels. So whether you need help picking out your first wakeboard, or trying to land your first 720, we've got you covered. Sign up for a free membership and browse around our site. Once you are ready, you can add our premium service to your account and get your wakeboard progression back on track.